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Supply Chain Software
Built for the 21st Century.

Navegate® GTM offers a centralized platform to access all your vital freight information. Log in now.

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Navigate® Lite delivers easy access to essential tracking information for your shipments. Log in today.

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Efficiently manage your cross-border freight, regulatory boundaries, and modes of transportation in one platform—Navegate® GTM.

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Seamless In-App Collaboration

Navegate® GTM unifies all supply chain partners for centralized control and communication.

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Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Streamline shipment operations with real-time visibility and status updates at every stage.

RWTS Navegate Custom Reports

Actionable Insights with Custom Reports

Take your decision-making process to the next level with Navegate® GTM's automated reporting and analytics.

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RWTS Navegate Forward

Icon navegate forward Navegate Forward

Navegate Forward™ enables online quotes and booking of global air, ocean, and land-based freight forwarding, anywhere your shipments originate.

  • Intuitive UI for instant shipment quotes and booking
  • Non-US Trade (Foreign-to-Foreign) – Ocean, Air & Customs*
  • Domestic Freight – Drayage, FTL, LTL, Small Pack*

Navegate Shiplens 2023

Icon navegate shiplens Navegate ShipLens

Navegate ShipLens™ enables enhanced tracking, visibility, exception alerting for shipment and cargo data, and easy access and sharing of all related logistics, customs, and compliance documentation.

  • Real-time, shared shipment visibility across all involved parties, including a dynamic map-based UI
  • Automatic exception alerting for shipment and cargo data
  • Easy access and sharing of all related logistics, customs, and compliance documentation

Navegate Orderchain 2023

Icon navegate orderchain Navegate Orderchain

Navegate Orderchain™ allows multiple shipments, suppliers, and carriers to be associated with individual POs, unlocking SKU-level visibility across every order.

  • Expose PO data from ERP systems in real-time, correlating with shipment and supplier data.
  • Track individual POs down to SKU level across all shipments, suppliers, and carriers.
  • Implement robust supplier performance scorecarding across POs and shipments.

RWTS Navegate Tradekey

Icon navegate tradekey Navegate Tradekey

Navegate Tradekey™ lets you achieve deeper commercial alignment and integration with global suppliers through digital SLA reporting, compliance management, and collaborative pick-and-pack capabilities.

  • Define and digitize commercial supplier agreements and SLAs
  • Automatically monitor and measure supplier compliance
  • Relate each Purchase Order to the correct shipment and container at the item level

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